Grooming is an essential part of every dog’s health and well-being. Our grooming philosophy is simple: it’s all about LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT. We groom all dogs with compassion, knowledge, experience and strive to make it as stress-free as possible. We believe there is no other way! Above all, it’s about the dog under the hair and ensuring that they are cared for in the best way possible.

We have an open-concept grooming facility. This means that the dogs are out interacting and playing with the other grooming dogs instead of staying in kennels. It’s the best of both worlds – a great groom and lots of socialization! We also have plenty of spots throughout the grooming area where shy or less active dogs can go and chill away from the action.

We offer grooming services 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). Drop-off times are between 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM for small dogs and 6:30 AM and 11:00 AM for big dogs. All dogs are dropped off in the morning; order of grooming depends on the group of dogs that day. Dogs that are older or have special needs are groomed first, then small dogs and finally big dogs. We will call you when your dog is ready to be picked up; some clients choose to pick up right away but they are welcome to stay as long as you need (though we ask that you arrive to pick them up no later than 15 minutes before closing).

The cost for grooming depends on the dog’s breed, condition and type of coat, and required cut. A full groom includes a bath, haircut and nail trim. We also offer what we call a “BBT” (bath, brush and trim); this is meant to be a clean-up between full grooms. It includes a bath, brush and trimming of the face and feet. Please speak with our staff for more information on the estimated cost of your dog’s groom or BBT.

Please note:
When entering or exiting the building, please have your dog leashed to maximize their safety and the safety of other dogs and clients

Late pickup fee:

  • A $10 charge will be added for every 15 minutes past closing.
  • Please make every attempt to contact us if you are running late. If we don’t answer the phone, leave a message.
  • If you have not arrived or made arrangements with us 20 – 30 minutes after closing time, your dog will stay the night for an additional fee. They will be provided with bedding, food and water. You will be able to pick them up the next day during regular business hours.

We have a “three-strike” rule for bad behaviour (which includes aggression, biting or attacking other dogs or staff). You will be informed when your dog receives a strike and after the third one, you will be asked not to bring the dog back to our facility. We will consider allowing your dog to return if you work with a trainer to remedy the issue(s).