Boarding & Overnights

Overnight, Short- and Long-Term Boarding

We know how tough it can be for some pet parents to leave their dogs in someone else’s care. That’s why we strive to make Dogsville a home-away-from-home for your dog! All our boarding dogs have their own private indoor run to sleep in at night and they are out playing with our daycare pack during the day. They get daily walks and plenty of love and snuggles! We offer both short-term and long-term boarding services.

We require that all dogs over a year old be spayed or neutered. Also, we require that all dogs be up to date on their distemper/parvo and rabies vaccines. We highly recommend the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine as well, that your dog receives regular deworming for both external and internal parasites. Please bring a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccination record for us to have on file. All dogs must be friendly with other dogs, if your dog has a history of aggression, we unfortunately cannot accept you as a client.

Boarding must be booked in advance. We ask that you drop your dog(s) off no later than an hour before closing. If this isn’t possible, please make alternate arrangements with us.

Please bring enough food for your dog’s stay, plus a little extra. Try to pack it in the smallest container possible so we can make the most efficient use of our storage space. You don’t need to bring water and food bowls; we have our own stainless-steel bowls. Feel free to bring a toy and/or blanket/bed for your dog, please make sure anything you bring is machine washable. If you don’t wish to bring your own bedding, we have plenty here that your dog can use.

We recommended that dogs that our new to our boarding try to spend at least a half day of daycare here prior to their stay so they can get used to the building and to us. We find that it helps their stay less stressful if they are already familiar with us. You can bring your dog any time during regular business hours (no need to pre-book). A half day is anything less than 5 hours and costs $19 for small dogs and $22 for big dogs.

We will have you complete some paperwork when you drop your dog off on his/her first day, so please leave an extra 5-10 minutes.

Boarding is available Monday – Friday 
We will have you complete some paperwork when you drop your dog off on his/her first day, so please leave an extra 5-10 minutes.

Boarding Prices*

SE Calgary Dog Boarding
Note: A half-day daycare charge is added if you pick your dog up after 1:00 PM on pickup day. There is a $3/day charge for dogs that do not bring their own food.

Nail trims: While your dog is with us for boarding, let us know at drop off if you would like their nails trimmed while they are here. The cost is $15. + up per dog.

Boarding baths: Is your dog in need of a quick bath while being boarded? We would be happy to do that for you!

Boarding Bath Prices*

Please note:
When entering or exiting the building, please have your dog leashed to maximize their safety and the safety of other dogs and clients

Late pickup fee:

  • A $10 charge will be added for every 15 minutes past closing.
  • Please make every attempt to contact us if you are running late. If we don’t answer the phone, leave a message.
  • If you have not arrived or made arrangements with us 20 – 30 minutes after closing time, your dog will stay the night for an additional fee. They will be provided with bedding, food and water. You will be able to pick them up the next day during regular business hours.

We have a “three-strike” rule for bad behaviour (which includes aggression, biting or attacking other dogs or staff). You will be informed when your dog receives a strike and after the third one, you will be asked not to bring the dog back to our facility. We will consider allowing your dog to return if you work with a trainer to remedy the issue(s).